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    Yves Saint-Laurent and his Concealer Blender



    Yves Saint-Laurent and his Concealer Blender
    Yves Saint-Laurent and his Concealer Blender

    Anti Dark Circles Blender, Yves Saint-Laurent’s anti-fatigue secret

    The daily life of a woman is sometimes very trying. How do you manage your family life, your personal development and your career without ever having a trace of fatigue appearing on your face? In reality, this is not a magic trick. Women do experience the effects of fatigue. On the other hand, they know better than anyone who to call on to help them conceal their unsightly little dark circles… The Yves Saint-Laurent house has made real feats in this area! Focus on its Concealer Blender.

    Dark circles, these enemies that we do not know well

    Dark circles, everyone knows this phenomenon in more or less high doses. However, do you really know what causes them to appear? In reality, only the lack of sun or the poor hygiene of life are not responsible for this phenomenon. The microcirculation is at the origin of this small bluish tint which comes to be lodged just under your eyes. Indeed, the eye is surrounded by a particularly thin skin. More fragile, it is supplied by a specific blood network. The latter is naturally slowed down and less active. The lymph and the blood then have a role of filtration. Yes, but now, with fatigue, if the microcirculation slows down, it can leave traces of red pigments. The waste no longer evacuates properly and this is how a bluish trace appears through your thin skin.Anti Dark Circles Blending should be able to give an illusion until your next sleep cure!

    Anti Dark Circles Blender, an eraser against signs of fatigue

    Yves Saint-Laurent’s Anti Dark Circles Estompeur aims to erase even the slightest trace of fatigue. Its bevelled stick greatly facilitates its application. It adapts perfectly to the area around the eye and is used like a lipstick. Its color, meanwhile, comes in three different shades. Thus, the Anti Dark Circles Blender sticks as closely as possible to your natural skin tone. Its formula is specifically developed to respect the delicate area around your eyes. For a permanent shine, know that the Anti Dark Circles Blender contains light diffusing pigments. These erase small imperfections and give you absolutely perfect makeup for a whole day. Anti Dark Circles Blender is applied directly to dark circles or other imperfections, in small touches. It is used directly after applying your foundation but just before applying your powder. The idea is to blend it as much as possible with the rest of your makeup. To do this, simply blend it with your fingertips, with light tapping. Thanks to it, your lack of sleep will no longer be read on your face. What’s more, its nomadic format allows it to slip easily into any handbag to stay fresh in all circumstances.