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    Veld’s – Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle



    Veld's - Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle
    Veld’s – Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle

    Veld’s has enriched its Eye Magic line with an anti-wrinkle brush

    Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle

    Buy the Veld’s Eye Magic AntiWrinkle brush inexpensively on the internet in Fragrenza Perfumes online perfumery.

    Veld’s Eye Magic Anti-wrinkle is an eye contour brush. anti-wrinkle, firming and smoothing which features a dense and creamy transparent gel texture.

    Action of the Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle Veld’s:

    The fine lines and “wrinkles” characteristic of the eye area are smoothed, the quality of the skin visibly improved. Expression lines are less marked, the eyes are softened and embellished. By reactivating the fundamental proteins of the tone and elasticity of the skin, Eye Magic Antirides corrects in a very targeted way the effects of aging on the fragile area around the eye: Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle

    – Sagging eyelids.
    – Crow’s feet (small fine lines at the outer corner of the eye).
    – Fine lines of the eyelids (lower and upper).
    – Lion’s lines (above the nose, between the eyes).

    The thin skin around the eyes is naturally smoothed and firmed. The ragard is less marked by expressions, it is fresher, softer thanks to the Eye Magic Anti-wrinkle.

    Veld’s Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle is the only eye contour care on the market in a brush. It benefits from an unprecedented application gesture allowing simple and effective treatment of wrinkles in the eye area.

    Veld’s Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle application advice?

    Advice from Joyce MUSY – Creator of Veld’s

    – Apply Eye Magic Anti-wrinkle morning and / or evening, alone or under your makeup. Take advantage of its unique applicator brush to cover the entire eye area with a ∞-shaped gesture.
    – Then insist on the upper and lower eyelids with a circular massage.
    – Finally, target the action on crow’s feet wrinkles and frown lines.

    Composition of Anti-Wrinkle Eye Magic:

    – Aloe Ferox: Recognized for its extreme concentration of polysaccharides, it has a stimulating action on collagen synthesis and participates in cell renewal.
    – Vernonia appendiculata: It acts on the dermo-epidermal junction by providing cohesion between the dermis and the epidermis by activating collagen IV, an essential element of the architectural structure of our skin.
    – Peucedanum graveolens: It promotes the renovation of skin elastin and revives the synthesis of good functional elastic fibers.
    – Decorinyl: Regulator of cell growth, mediator of collagen fibriollogenesis, capable of increasing the quality of collagen fibers, and of increasing and strengthening cell survival.

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