The new Clarins SOS Primer to hide imperfections



The new Clarins SOS Primer to hide imperfections
The new Clarins SOS Primer to hide imperfections

Camouflage your imperfections with Clarins SOS Primer Peche Care

If you follow makeup news at all, you’ve probably noticed that color correctors are invading our shelves more and more. But do you really know how these little miracle products work? They are based on the principle of colorimetry. Thus, when two complementary colors are associated, they neutralize each other. Clarins has therefore made an assortment of six correctors in different colors. Each of them has a very specific task and helps a specific need depending on your type of skin.

Clarins SOS Primer Peche treatment, the most universal of all

The SOS Fishing Primer of Clarins is undoubtedly the product of the most universal range. True all-terrain make-up, it adapts to all types of epidermis, and helps conceal many imperfections. It is both effective on pimples, redness, dark circles and small skin blemishes in general. In a single pass, it evens out the skin and prepares it for makeup.

All the Clarins know-how in addition

In addition to this purely pigmentary aspect, know that the SOS Primer Pèche Treatment benefits from all of Clarins’ skincare expertise. Thus, its formula contains decades of know-how. Its fresh and fluid texture and very adherent. It covers the skin for 24 hours, and provides continuous benefits. Clarins SOS Primer Peach Care is enriched with a moisturizing agent that strengthens your skin comfort. An antipollution complex has also been incorporated into its formula so as to form a protective film on your skin, and preserve it from your environment. Finally, despite all this, Clarins SOS Primer Peche Care lets your face breathe.