The Moisturizing and Mattifying Fluid, all the expertise of Clarins for combination skin



The Moisturizing and Mattifying Fluid, all the expertise of Clarins for combination skin
The Moisturizing and Mattifying Fluid, all the expertise of Clarins for combination skin

Clarins Moisturizing and Mattifying Fluid, the care of combination skin

The story of Clarins began in 1954, rue Tronchet, in Paris. From the start, Clarins has been able to establish a relationship of trust and dialogue with its customers. The company’s motto has remained the same: “Do more, do better and love doing it”. From this passion for beauty was born a very wide range of products and skincare products. While some new products are continually appearing, some treatments remain great classics that women cannot neglect. As such, hydration of the epidermis is particularly important to preserve lasting beautiful skin. It is therefore to protect it from the harmful effects of time and our environment that Clarins has made the Moisturizing and Mattifying Fluid.

The importance of hydrating your skin

Skin hydration, all beauty professionals talk about it, but is it really that important? Well the answer is yes! Our skin is made up of different layers. On its surface, it gathers dead cells linked together by a hydrolipidic film, that is to say made of water and fat. This layer is present to protect our body from external aggressions such as bacteria, wind, temperature variations or pollution. If its hydration level is not maintained properly, its effectiveness becomes failing. When the skin dries up, it becomes rougher, more uncomfortable, and itchy. Beyond the unpleasant sensation that it provides, know that the lack of water also contributes to premature aging of the skin.

The benefits provided by Clarins Moisturizing and Mattifying Fluid

The Hydrating Fluid and Matte Clarinsis intended for all people with combination skin. Its fluid texture is particularly refreshing, which is a real pleasure every day. Clarins Moisturizing and Mattifying Fluid contains extracts of willowherb flower, a purifying ingredient. The lime tree, meanwhile, is used here to soothe the skin and calm irritation. In parallel, the Moisturizing and Mattifying Fluid also acts on the production of sebum. It decreases the shine zones of your face, in particular on the T zone, made up of the forehead, nose and chin. It tightens the pores and guarantees a fresher and more matte complexion from early morning until evening. For this, it acts directly at the source of sebum production. However, it does not dry out the skin and continues to hydrate it well.

Clarins Moisturizing and Mattifying Fluid is applied every morning to a perfectly cleansed face, its use can also be extended to the neck and décolleté. For this, we recommend that you take a dab of this product and stretch it using your hands from the center of your face outwards.