New SOS Primer Clarins Rose anti-fatigue



SOS Primers Rose to minimize signs of fatigue
SOS Primers Rose to minimize signs of fatigue

Clarins SOS Primer Rose Treatment, an anti-fatigue ally

When we are tired, our skin microcirculation is less efficient. Therefore, lack of sleep tends to show on our face. Dark circles and puffiness form and this tends to unbalance the overall harmony of your skin. This is why Clarins has designed a range of correctors . Clarins SOS Primer Rose Care has a very specific function and acts directly on signs of fatigue. With it, a bad night will no longer be read on your face!

SOS Primer Rose treatment to camouflage dark circles

The color pink is undoubtedly one of the most used in the world of make-up. It must be said that it goes wonderfully with all fair skin types. It reinforces their natural freshness, and immediately gives a boost of vitality. At the same time, know that pink also has the property of concealing traces of fatigue. Thus, Clarins SOS Primer Rose Care is ideal if your skin is fairly matte, and dark circles are visible under your eyes. This corrector avoids weighing down the face and thus gives a more lively and alert look.

The Clarins treatments contained in the SOS Primer Rose

In addition to this purely aesthetic aspect, know that the SOS Primer Rose Treatment also benefits from all of Clarins’ expertise in cosmetology. In other words, this corrector does not only play on the color of the skin but also acts on its long-term beauty. Very moisturizing and non-suffocating, it is a treatment that lets your face breathe, and which provides it with comfort for 24 hours. At the same time, be aware that Clarins SOS Primer Rose Care is enriched with antipollution agents, which form a protective film on the surface of your face to protect it from the harmful effects of our urban environment.