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    New nourishing cream Dior Hydra Life



    New nourishing cream Dior Hydra Life

    Dior Hydra Life Nourishing Cream, a nutritious and hydrating concentrate

    The skin is our body’s first natural barrier that comes into contact with our environment. Thus, it is constantly attacked from all sides. Pollution, stress, temperature differences, UV rays are all elements that tend to weaken it. When it turns red and uncomfortable, it’s already too late! To preserve it and limit its aging, Dior has implemented a particularly nutritious and moisturizing treatment : Hydra Life Nourishing Cream.

    The many benefits provided by Dior Hydra Life Nourishing Cream

    Hydra Life Nourishing Cream has a melting texture. It instantly penetrates the heart of the skin and brings it comfort. It preserves its balance and soothes it for a long time. Hydra Life Nourishing Cream is intended for all types of skin but more specifically for people with normal to dry skin. Its effectiveness has been clinically demonstrated by Dior through dermatological tests. Instantly after its application, the skin appears more supple and better nourished , up to 97%. She is also at peace. After four weeks of regular application, the results are even more spectacular. The quality of the epidermis is significantly improved and all redness is reduced.

    The different ways to use Hydra Life Nourishing Cream

    Dior Hydra Life Nourishing Cream can be used in different ways. Its most common application is that of a classic day cream. In this case, it is enough to spread it on your face in the morning and in the evening. However, it can also be used more occasionally on certain dehydrated areas of your body such as the hands, elbows or knees. Finally, Hydra Life Nourishing Cream can be used as a night mask once a week.