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    New Chanel eye treatment: Blue Serum Eye



    New Chanel eye treatment: Blue Serum Eye
    New Chanel eye treatment: Blue Serum Eye

    The Chanel Blue Eye Serum, a natural treatment for your eyes

    Last year, Maison Chanel unveiled its Blue Serum made from materials from blue areas. This year unveils a specific treatment for the eyes, also from the blue areas of the planet.

    The gaze area is particularly fragile. Indeed, the skin is thinner there than on the other parts of your face. What is more, it is also devoid of sebaceous glands and is therefore less well protected by a hydrolipidic film. At the same time, despite her sensitivity, she is constantly solicited by your eyelid movements or your different expressions. All of these factors explain why the eye area ages faster than other areas of your body. Wrinkles appear prematurely as well as signs of fatigue. To preserve your face, it is therefore essential to take special care of the contours of your eyes. However, this is precisely what Chanel brings to you with its Blue Eye Serum .

    Chanel puts the best of nature at your service

    Chanel’s Blue Eye Serum is inspired by blue areas. These are the four regions of the world in which we live the best and longest: Nicoya in Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy, Ikaria in Greece and Okinawa in Japan. Thus, Chanel went directly to these unique places and selected three natural ingredients, essential to the diet of local populations. The brand has studied the most powerful molecules resulting from these products and has integrated them into its care. The fresh and delicate formula of Blue Serum Eye is a real source of youth that immediately penetrates the heart of the epidermis. This product prepares the eye contour to receive the benefits of your usual care. It hydrates, smoothes it and makes it more radiant day after day.

    The active ingredients contained in the Blue Eye Serum

    Chanel Blue Sérum Eye brings together many high-performance active ingredients. However, it more specifically uses three natural ingredients from the blue areas. Green coffee from Costa Rica brings here its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Sardinian olive, on the other hand, protects the skin thanks to its essential fatty acids and polyphenols. Greek lentisk gum extract, traditionally consumed in Ikaria, helps it regain its regenerative capacities.

    The benefits of the Blue Eye Serum

    The Blue Serum Eye formula is very respectful of the fragile area around the eye. It also helps to drain the underside of the eyes and stimulate microcirculation. Therefore, it fights dark circles and puffiness. The effectiveness of Chanel Blue Eye Serum has been dermatologically tested. These controls have demonstrated a gain in skin hydration of + 54%, an improvement in firmness of + 24% and a reduction in wrinkles by -14%.

    Apply your Chanel Blue Eye Serum well

    The Chanel Blue Serum Eye is applied to clean skin, before your usual treatment. For an optimal result, it is advisable to perform a small massage at the same time using your fingertips, by smoothing the area of ​​your eyes from the inside to the outside, or by making circular movements. This will give you a real moment of relaxation while improving your blood circulation.