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Redness Soother Capture Youth Serum
Redness Soother Capture Youth Serum

Soothe your skin with Dior Redness Soother Capture Youth Serum

The oxidation process is a completely normal phenomenon. Indeed, over time, our body can no longer defend itself as well against external aggressions. He undergoes what is called oxidative stress. Therefore, it reveals signs of fatigue and this is how the first signs of aging begin to surface. To remedy this, Dior has designed the Capture Youth skincare range. Composed of an antioxidant cream and five serums, it helps prevent the onset of skin aging. The Redness Soother Serum is one of the five serums that make up this assortment. It is aimed more specifically at weakened skin.

The Redness Soother Capture Youth Serum, the ally of sensitive skins

The Redness Soother Serum is a particularly soothing product that is intended for all reactive and sensitized skin. For this, it presents a mixture of cotton peptides of natural origin. It immediately makes the skin more even and more comfortable. Iris is also incorporated into its formula and acts as a powerful antioxidant. The Redness Soother Capture Youth Serum is very respectful of the epidermis and consists of 79% natural ingredients. It appears to be a kind of ideal dressing to preserve the skin from its environment. As a result, your face appears much more resistant and less reactive.

The different ways to use Dior Redness Soother Serum

The Redness Soother Serum can be used locally directly on the face. In this case, just apply it with your fingertips and then cover it with Capture Youth Antioxidant Cream. However, two or three drops of the Glow Booster Serum can also be incorporated directly into a dab of Capture Youth Antioxidant Cream before the mixture is evenly distributed over your skin.