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    Kanebo Sensai – Lifting Radiance Cream



    Kanebo Sensai - Lifting Radiance Cream
    Kanebo Sensai – Lifting Radiance Cream

    A new cream full of promise reinforces the Lifting Radiance range from Kanebo Sensai:

    Lifting Radiance Cream Cellular Performance

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    A double-action cream that activates the metabolism of muscle cells to relieve sagging skin, and which revitalizes the epidermis to awaken the complexion’s natural radiance.

    Apply morning and evening after the lotion using specific massage techniques.

    Lifting Radiance Cream:

    This luxurious double-action cream visibly promotes a lifting and luminous effect for firmer and more radiant skin from the inside. Acting at the cellular level, the Natural Musculator activates the metabolism of muscle cells to tighten and firm the skin, while the Golden Chamomile Extract awakens the radiance of the complexion by stimulating the microcirculation.

    To reshape the contours of the face and illuminate the skin with a new youthful glow, this cream is applied every day after the lotion as the second stage of Double Hydration, using the massage techniques specially developed for this line.

    Lifting Radiance Cream – Specific Ingredients:

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    Kanebo Sensai – Lift Radiance Cream
    • Natural Musculator: Activates the energy metabolism of muscle cells and contributes to better contractility and muscle tension. Derived from natural yeast.
    • Golden Chamomile Extract: Promotes microcirculation to illuminate dull complexion and restore good looks while supporting the lifting action of the Natural Musculator.
    • Kaishimaru Silk Extract: From the precious cocoon of Koishimaru, source of the finest Japanese silks. Gives supreme moisturizing power and sublime textures to the products.
    • Shilan (Violet Orchid) Extract: Stimulates cellular metabolism, allowing the formation of youthful skin, rich at all levels in “beauty cells”.
    • Vital CPX Extract: Key ingredient in SENSAI anti-aging skincare that effectively helps hydrate, firm, minimize fine lines, prevent wrinkles and pigmentation defects.

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