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    Kanebo Sensai – Facial Cleansing Foam



    Kanebo - Facial Cleansing Foam
    Kanebo – Facial Cleansing Foam

    Discover Kanebo Sensai’s facial cleansing foam …

    Kanebo Facial Cleansing Foam

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    An ultra-gentle facial cleansing foam that effectively removes all impurities from the pores without the need for scrubbing. For normal to oily skin and combination skin.

    Apply the product alone in the morning or in addition to step 1 in the evening. Rinse thoroughly.

    Sensai’s original skincare method is based on the Concept of Double Cleanse, Double Hydration and Double Apply. This theory originates from the Japanese tea ceremony, in which the preparation of a truly perfect cup of tea is subject to an elaborate set of rules, called Saho. These rules guide each person’s actions from start to finish – from preparing decorum in the tea room to admiring utensils.

    SENSAI, in its quest for beautiful skin, uses the same type of careful and deep method. This is the Double Cleanse, Double Hydration and Double Application method. Similar to the Japanese Saho tea ceremony, the Sensai treatment program calms the mind and soothes the senses .

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