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    Hydra Life, the Youth Hydration treatment from Dior



    Hydra Life, the Youth Hydration treatment from Dior
    Hydra Life, the Youth Hydration treatment from Dior

    It is now scientifically proven, hydration plays a considerable role in the appearance of the skin. In this case, poor hydration can have dramatic consequences on the signs of anticipated skin aging. The epidermis is a protective barrier of the body. It is the part most in contact with the outside world and therefore the one that is the most exposed to daily aggressions. This is why it is essential to pamper it. Dior has therefore set up a range of moisturizers called Hydra Life. These are a concentrate of technology with the sole purpose of taking care of your skin.

    The benefits of mallow at the heart of Hydra Life treatments

    Mallow is a flower that has the ability to capture, filter and carry water to its corolla. Thus, the water which arrives in its heart is brought in its purest form possible. Also, researchers from Dior laboratories had the idea of ​​examining the properties of this flower to create exceptional treatments. They have thus developed products that act from the surface of the skin to the depth of the epidermis. Dior has made mauve a source of eternal beauty and ultimate hydration. What is more, note that the brand is also concerned about the environment and sustainable development. Thus, she cultivates all of her flowers in accordance with organic farming.

    The Aquashare technology of Hydra Life products

    Dior has implemented a unique process that meets the needs of each of your cells. Indeed, each of them does not have the same needs. Some are particularly active and therefore have very high needs while others are more remote and therefore require less water. This is why Dior has developed intelligent Hydra Life skincare products capable of serving the cells that need it when they need it. Thus, your skin is treated in the best possible way so as to display the maximum of its potential. In other words, Dior maintains the efficiency of your Aquaporin network, a natural water circulation network in the body, thus making water naturally shared by all cells.

    When care rhymes with pleasure

    In addition, note that Dior skincare products are particularly pleasant to wear and apply. Each of them, and in particular its Pro-Youth Sorbet Cream, has a texture that is at once refreshing, light and delicious. These little care jars are like concentrates of good humor. Playful and nomadic, they ensure easy application and a particularly revitalizing thrill effect. What’s more, each of them guarantees maximum hydration for at least eight hours. Dior thus gives you the feeling of having benefited from an eight-hour night’s sleep, at the same time providing your skin with eight benefits of skin full of life: “wrinkled features, a smoother skin texture, hydrated, supple, plump, soft, radiant skin and a fresh complexion ”. This is what we call the “Three Eights” by Dior.