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    Guerlain – Gold Eyetech Abeille Royale



    Abeille Royale Gold Eyetech Sculpting Eye Serum
    Abeille Royale Gold Eyetech Sculpting Eye Serum

    Discover the new revolutionary eye contour serum from Guerlain. Let yourself be surprised by the power of gold and its unique formula.

    Abeille Royale Gold Eyetech

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    Innovation – Abeille Royale Gold Eyetech Serum

    In research of perfection and excellence, the House of Guerlain laboratories has discovered a new formula with an ultra-light and fresh serum texture with a velvety finish composed of the repairing concentrate Abeille Royale, a unique active ingredient consisting of pure black bee honey. Ouessant and Royal Jelly are associated with a plant complex that intensely targets the signs of aging.

    Through this innovation, Guerlain Laboratories has also rethought the presentation of the product and created a patented fine gold-plated applicator. The pulp of the index finger is placed on the impression for better ergonomics, the shape of the tip. The gilding refreshes and decongests the gaze to perfectly fit the eye area for more precision.

    Application advice – Abeille Royale Gold Eyetech Serum

    For instant professional results at home, Guerlain offers dedicated gestures targeting three main actions: smoothing to refresh your eyes, tone to lift your eyes, and energizing for a radiant look.

    Squeeze the tube to extract the serum. Place your index finger on the impression and apply the product as follows:

    – Perform tapping under the eye, starting from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner, then perform a smoothing movement on the upper part following the brow bone towards the temple. Repeat three times.

    – Then place the tip lengthwise under the inner corner of the eye, moving forward by rocking to the temples.

    – Then make an arc of a circle under the eyebrow, lifting it as far as possible, ending with pressure on the temple x 3.

    – Then draw vertical lines on the forehead, from the eyebrow to the hairline.

    – Finally, with the tip, apply pressure to the outer corner of the eye, the inner corner, the temple, and the middle of the eyebrow.

    This gesture allows you to smooth the tone and revitalize your gaze.

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