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    Dior Hydra Life Exfoliating Powder



    Dior Hydra Life Exfoliating Powder
    Dior Hydra Life Exfoliating Powder

    Take care of your face with Hydra Life Exfoliating Powder

    A second youth, it tempts you? This is precisely what the ambition of Dior is based on with its Hydra Life range . This brings together many active ingredients with regenerating power. Also, as if to restore a new radiance to your skin, Dior also offers you the Hydra Life Exfoliating Powder. Focus on this gourmet and instantly effective product.

    The playful application of Hydra Life Exfoliating Powder

    If the Hydra Life Exfoliating Powder is already talking about it, it is not only thanks to its benefits. Indeed, it also has a fun and gourmet formula that transforms itself under your eyes on contact with water. The Hydra Life Exfoliating Powder thus becomes a fine and light foam offering your skin a deep cleansing. To do this, all you need to do is pour a little Hydra Lift Exfoliating Powder into the palm of your moistened hand. Then, rub this product in order to obtain a more airy foam. Using it, gently massage your entire face, taking care to avoid the area around your eyes. After gently massaging your skin, simply rinse it off with clean water. On the other hand, do not exceed one to two uses of this product per week.

    The natural active ingredients present in Dior skincare

    Hydra Life Exfoliating Powder provides particularly convincing results. Thus, dermatological tests have made it possible to establish that the skin texture was refined to 90%, that the sharpness of the latter increased by 95% and that it appeared 85% brighter. This is made possible in particular by the active ingredients contained in this product. Hydra Life Exfoliating Powder notably contains lotus seeds, a product that naturally exfoliates and refines the texture of the epidermis. Likewise, this effect is further enhanced by the sugar extract. This polishes the surface of the skin. Finally, the whole is completed by saponins, natural cleansing agents allowing to remove make-up and to purify durably the epidermis.