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    Clarins Repairing Lip Balm



    Clarins Repairing Lip Balm
    Clarins Repairing Lip Balm

    Take care of your smile with Clarins Multi-Moisturizing Repairing Lip Balm

    For several decades, Clarins has taken special care to sublimate women. The brand has made their beauty its main concern. Thus, Clarins today offers its innovative formulas in multiple forms in order to best meet the needs of each specific area of ​​the body. However, the lips are a particularly sensitive part of our body. To hydrate them continuously and protect them from environmental aggressions, Clarins suggests that you sublimate your smile with the help of Multi-Moisturizing Repairing Lip Balm.

    Why do you need to moisturize your lips?

    The lips are a particularly fragile area of ​​our body. Indeed, the skin is much thinner there than on the rest of our face. What is more, it is devoid of sebaceous glands, which are supposed to protect it. However, it is also one of the parts of our body most exposed to the cold. They form a relief and are therefore the first victims of external aggressions such as pollution, wind, UV rays or cold. If you do not take special care of them, then small cracks can form on their surface, accompanied by irritation, burning sensation and redness. This is called chapping. If your lips feel tight and dehydrated quickly, it is simply because they are lacking in hydration. What is more, certain everyday actions tend to make the situation worse. To give you a few examples, know that you must absolutely avoid tearing off the dead skin on the surface of your mouth, and avoid moistening your lips with your saliva. In the long run, this has a particularly drying effect.

    The Multi-Moisturizing Repairing Lip Balm to help your lips

    The Multi-Moisturizing Repairing Lip Balm has a melting texture that is suitable for all skin types. It uses the power of several natural ingredients to enhance your smile and make it more comfortable. Particularly rich, it offers immediate comfort and immediately reduces roughness on the surface of your lips. The Balm Multi-Lip Moisturizerfrom Clarins to a restorative action that helps relieve chapped skin. It durably moisturizes the mouth and protects it for hours. It leaves the lips softer and delicately pink. Your mouth is as beautified and durably protected. The Multi-Moisturizing Repairing Lip Balm contains shea butter to nourish your skin as well as rose essential wax. For optimal effectiveness, we recommend that you use it at least every morning and evening, as well as several times a day as soon as the slightest feeling of discomfort occurs. From now on, the little worries of winter will only be a distant memory for your pretty smile.