Clarins Instant Concealer concealer to hide your imperfections



Clarins Concealer Concealer to hide your imperfections
Clarins Concealer Concealer to hide your imperfections

Camouflage all your imperfections with Clarins Instant Concealer Concealer

Clarins is the number one brand for high-end beauty treatments in Europe. This large family brand has dedicated its life to beauty. The unique formulas of its treatments are transmitted and perfected from generation to generation. The passion for beauty is a common thread within the Clarins brand . Thus, all of the brand’s products, whether cosmetics or make-up, are intended to take care of the health of your skin over the long term. Clarins Instant Concealer Concealer is no exception. It camouflages all the small defects while limiting their appearance.

The many benefits provided by Clarins Concealer Concealer

Clarins Concealer Concealer comes in a small tube similar to a foundation. It comes in four different shades to get as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Thus, it does not create a demarcation and does not even allow itself to be guessed. Applied to the eye area, it immediately illuminates the skin and gives the impression of unparalleled freshness and radiance. Its impeccable hold allows it to camouflage small skin defects from morning until evening. Clarins Concealer Concealer offers a lasting and tailor-made correction. Its shade naturally blurs the color of dark circles. The idea is not just to hide but to help the skin regain its natural complexion. Its liquid texture melts on the face and smoothes the skin. Since then, Concealer Concealer offers an extreme feeling of comfort. Dark circles are reduced, the face is brightened, the eyes are smoothed and your face suddenly seems less tired.

Aloe vera, a major ingredient in Instant Concealer

The tinted formula of Instant Concealer Concealer also takes care of your skin continuously. The idea is to improve the natural appearance of your skin over time. For this, it contains aloe vera. Cultivated in the tropics, it is a plant that has been used for a very long time. Cleopatra already said that she was the source of her legendary beauty. Today, Clarins has decided to integrate aloe vera in its Instant Concealer Concealer for its softening, moisturizing and restorative effects. Its richness in compound sugars promotes water retention in the epidermis. In other words, a constant water level is maintained in the heart of the cells. Thus, the Concealer Concealer has an unprecedented soothing action.

How to properly apply your concealer?

The Concealer Concealer is applied like a classic concealer. Start by applying a moisturizing base to your skin. Cover the latter with foundation. Then, when the skin of your face is relatively homogeneous, add a few drops of concealer to the most prominent places of your skin. Blend its texture with your fingertips to blend it with your foundation with light taps. Then, all you have to do is cover everything with a loose powder which will mattify all of your make-up and which will increase its hold.