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    Clarins – Hydration Box



    Clarins - Hydration Box

    Deeply hydrate your skin with the new Anti-Thirst Hydration Bi-Serum Box from Clarins

    Hydration box

    Buy the  Clarins Hydration Box at a low price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

    The Intense Hydration Box – Multi-Hydrating Collection contains:

    • the Anti-Thirst Bi-Serum 30ml
    • the Quenching Cream 15ml
    • the Eye Contour Gel 10ml
    • the Thirst-quenching Thirst-quenching Mask 15ml
    • a Vanity

    Providing your skin with constant “tailor-made” hydration, such is the performance of Clarins Multi-Moisturizing Treatments.

    Exceptional formulas that bring together all of Clarins’ expertise to meet the skin’s water needs with efficiency and precision.

    Find it at the best price with our care partner: Hydration Box Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all Clarins brand products .