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    Annayake Active Cleansing Foam



    Annayake Active Cleansing Foam
    Annayake Active Cleansing Foam

    Annayake Active Cleansing Foam, essential for beautiful skin

    The Annayake house has specialized in cosmetic care for more than 80 years. If its know-how has evolved considerably over the decades, the brand has remained faithful to its basic Japanese culture. Thus, Annayake offers a new vision of cosmetics. It is based above all on respecting all skin types, and offers each woman special care. However, certain beauty procedures are essential regardless of your skin type. The Active Cleansing Foam will rid your face of all impurities and will then give your face more radiance. Annayake Active Cleansing Foam is the beauty secret to preserving beautiful skin for as long as possible.

    Cleanse your skin to help it regenerate

    It is a proven and widely recognized fact: makeup removal is essential to have beautiful skin and to keep its beauty and youth as long as possible. So, cleansing should be part of your beauty routine, morning and night. To have healthy skin that is radiant with life, this is an essential step. Cleaning removes traces of makeup. Yes, but not only… It also removes all the toxins accumulated on the skin during the day. Indeed, over the hours, the epidermis is constantly subjected to a multitude of attacks such as pollution, tobacco, stress, sebum,… It is therefore to remove this superfluous layer that Annayake has designed the Mousse Active Cleanser. By getting rid of impurities, you will get healthier, more radiant and more supple skin. Cleansing improves regeneration and oxygenation of the skin. Hence, it prevents dull complexion and premature aging.

    The purifying but protective power of Annayake Active Cleansing Foam

    Annayake Active Cleansing Foam is a very balanced product that cleanses and removes impurities in depth without ever attacking the epidermis. Indeed, it is essential to preserve the natural protective film of our skin. However, a product that is too astringent tends to irritate it and therefore to dry out your body. The Active Cleansing Foamis specifically designed to protect your skin from this kind of damage. To deeply cleanse your skin, this product contains exfoliating grains. These agents cleanse the pores of the epidermis, and allow your skin to breathe better. Annayake Active Cleansing Foam takes the form of a pink cream that turns into a generous foam on contact with water. To do this, you just need to take a small amount and apply it to your skin with a little water. Then proceed to cleaning by performing small circular massages. Annayake Active Cleansing Foam will seduce you with its immediate freshness, and will leave your skin feeling instantly clean. Annayake Active Cleansing Foam is more specifically designed for oily or combination skin.